Diet Schmiet

Av:  |  2012/11/29

Eat hard, Train harder

När man tränar så mycket som jag (enligt min uppfattning är varannan dag typ “elit idrottar nivå) får man också belöna sig själv med att äta det man vill ha. What’s the point annars? En buddhist munk sa en gång till mig : “Nothing in extremes”. Du skall balansera ditt liv, och alltid ge det lite av varje. Både nyttigt och onyttigt. Gott och ont. Gammalt och nytt. På det sättet lever du ditt liv mest harmoniskt.

Smakar en sån här cupcake på ett bageri i London för att uppleva lite eftermiddags harmoni.

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Donera idag till World Childhood Foundation Eyes Wide Open

Av:  |  2016/12/09



World Childhood Foundation hade coctail hos vår nya underbara General Konsul Leif Pagrotsky, hemma i hans residens. HKH Prinsessan Madeleine var en av initiativtagarna för Eyes Wide Open kampanjen. Donera idag! HÄR

Jag vann!!!!!! En underbar schal från CreelMack dubbelklicka och shoppa de allra mest exclusiva produkterna skapade av Jennifer Creel och svenska Christine Mack


Pierre Wulff “näsan” bakom By Redo och Björk and Berries och massor mer, och snygga svenska Christine Mack, sitter i styrelsen för Childhood USA, hon har även designat min snygga schal  som jag vann tillsammans med Anna Holtblad, och hon är min gamla roomie….


Underbaraste Camilla Olsson


From London with love

Av:  |  Mikkel Vigholt |  2016/12/09

_mg_2770 _mg_2826Sorry for the wait guys – the schedule right now before Christmas is busy. But some of the images captured in London are all done and ready to be posted!

My man captured me on the roof top of the apartment where we were staying in Kensington. Total London vibes with a worn down denim jumpsuit from Pelechecoco, made out of reworked denim. Styled with Monki shoes.

I would love to highlight a couple of treasures of mine in London - first and foremost the ultimate museums – The British museum, Tate Modern and the Natural History Museum! I was so impressed, captured by all the historical memories and simply couldn’t get enough.

In terms of shopping – Rockit vintage and Retromania are some of my fave ones- there are four Rockit vintage shops in London, check them all out guys.

Over all, I’m still dreaming back to this trip. It’s very important for me to keep exploring and search for new creativity. It doesn’t necessary have to be a trip but I’m one of those souls who find myself comy just chilling but I once in a while do need that boost of new energy and adventures.

And hey – speaking of adventures, if you are in Malmö tomorrow (Saturday), come join me for a slow fashion tour around town. We’ll stop by some amazing shops and end up at Ab Småland where they serve glögg, coffee and chocolate :) sign up here!  

I actually did an interview about this event with Swedish Sydsvenskan earlier this morning – out in newspapers tomorrow and online today! Check it out!

Happy Friday / K

_mg_2618 _mg_2901-1



Av:  |  2016/12/09

Kära läsare!

Jag har bloggat i nästan 7 år och jag har nu kommit till en punkt då det är dax för mig att gå vidare och byta inriktning. Därför ha jag bestämt mig för att starta en helt ny blogg.. Jag kommer att ta med mig några av de reseinlägg jag tidigare publicerat här på Plazakvinna men bortsett från det så blir det här en nystart för mig..

Välkomna till Travelfashionistas!

Jag kommer att dela med mig av mina härliga reseupplevelser med er och emellanåt lite mode och skönhetstips..

Hoppas ni vill fortsätta följa mig och att ni kommer att tycka om min nya inriktning på bloggen!

Kramar, Daphne

Ni kan även följa mig på min Instagram: Travelfashionistas

Dear Readers!

I’ve been blogging for almost 7 years and I have now come to a point where I want to change direction. Therefore I decided to start a totally new blog.. I will come back with a few of the travel guides I published before at but apart from that this is a fresh start for me..

Welcome to Travelfashionistas! 

I will share all my amazing travel experiences with you and in between some fashion and beauty tips..

I hope you will enjoy it!

Love, Daphne

You can also follow me on my Instagram account: Travelfashionistas



Fun Facts Tuesday x made in Denmark

Av:  |  2016/12/08


-The raw wool comes from one of the few remaining wool mills in Denmark and this is where the raw wool is washed and spun into yarns. 125 kg of wool yarns = 180 sweaters- 

The lovely girls and siblings Marie and Julie Skall, founders of Skall Studio are developing their brand by focusing on Danish craftsmanship and a local wool production – combining Danish design with a Danish production.

Their current kickstarter campaign encourages consumers and slow fashion lovers all over to support them with this mission to develop a sustainable production locally in Denmark. The goal of this campaign is to raise money in order to continue collaborating with a family owned wool mill on Jutland, a business established already 1878. The knitting factory is just a few hours away, also a family owned company, making knitwear from scratch since 1964. Everything is done in-house, without any sub-contractors.

Denmark actually have a long history making knitwear. Unfortunately most of the production was outsourced to Asia in the 80-90′s due to the fasted pasted industry. This is the goal behind Skall Studio’s campaign, they are aiming to raise 100 000 DKK during this kickstarter campaign. If they achieve this goal, Skall Studio will be able to produce 125 kg wool yarns in order to manufacture 180 of their Norma knits. The Noma knit is one of those classic pieces, suitable for any style and Skall Studio wants to create them in 2 new colors too.

skall-2 skall-3Some fun facts about Skall Studio’s wool:

natural soft fibers

regulars body temp


keeps you warm when needed

contain natural uv protection

self- cleaning properties ( saving time and energy)



flame resistant

eco friendly

bio degradable


made in Denmark from happy sheep 

I’m truly one of those wool lovers, nothing is more gorgeous than a great knit, especially sweaters such as the Norma knit. You can simply live in that one for seasons and seasons to come.

Invest in a creation and check out Skall Studio’s story here. The perfect gifts for X-mas coming up <3

3 Stars in New York Times and 2 Michelin Stars Bravo Fredrik Berselius and ASKA

Av:  |  2016/12/07



photo by Stefan Anderson, this is a shot when Fredrik Berselius was creating the new ASKA restaurant

Read NY Times review here

Look Good Feel Good Välgörenhets Gala

Av:  |  2016/12/07


Famous star hair stylist Marcello Costa and True Mode Management and The American Cancer Society charity event, to raise awareness and funds. Marcello also launched his wigline featured on the runway with live music. Gorgeous and smart superwoman, Dale Noelle, model, model agency owner of True Model Mangement and oral cancer spokesperson, here Dale is dressed in Jovani, I am wearing all swedish designs, dress by Maxjenny, shoes by Afklingberg, ring by Caroline Svedbom

Art Basel Miami

Av:  |  2016/12/05


First stop at 1 Hotel for dearest friend Antoine Verglas show


Amazing food at Made In Italy Gourmet in Wynwood, silk caftan by DeMoy, silver jewelry by Shiledmaid, great wine and too many invitations!


Art Miami with designer and paintor Alise Trautmane, myself and Chief Editor of Precious 7 magazine


Quick swim in DeMoy silkcaftan and beachbag from Stockholm boutique Portal Nou


Powerlunch at Mandolin restaurant


Best shopping at The Bazaar Project Miami in Wynwood


Swedish bestie, Catherine Ahnell of Catherine Ahnell Gallery NYC exhibited at Nobu Hotel


Magazine launchparty for Precious7 first paper magazine Chief Editor Anna Maria Sandegren


Art and Fashion consultant Lyudmila Rabi and Rawmantic chocolate beautiful entrepreneur Kasia Bosne


At Bagatelle miami with Make up and hair stylist, Kendell Cotta wearing a Shilemaid necklace and Precious7 Fashion Editor Anna Maria Sandegren wearing a silver Shieldmaid ring


Yelena Deyneko Creative Director of art and fashion magazine, Spirit and Flesh magazine, with swedish, russian and Ghanaian model Ebony Anderberg